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Il Dottor Alessandro Pontis è autore di numerose  pubblicazioni scientifiche:

  • Pontis A, D’Alterio MN, Pirarba S, De Angelis C, Tinelli R, Angioni S. Adenomyosis: a systematic review of medical treatment. Gynecol Endocrinol.2016
  • Nappi L, Sorrentino F, Angioni S, Pontis A, Barone I, Greco P. Leiomyomatosis peritonealis disseminate (LPD) ten years after laparoscopic myomectomy associated with ascites and lymph nodes enlargement: a case report. Int J Surg Case Rep.2016;25:1-3.
  • Pontis A, Sedda F, Mereu L, Podda M, Melis GB, Pisanu A, Angioni S, Review and meta-analysis of prospective randomized controlled trials (RCTs) comparing laparo-endoscopic single site and multiport laparoscopy in gynecologic procedures. Arch Gynecol Obstet 2016.
  • Pontis A, Prasciolu C, Litta P, Angioni S. Uterine rupture in pregnancy: two case reports and review of literature. Clin Exp Obstet Gynecol.2016;43(2):304-9.
  • Nappi L, Sorrentino F, Angioni S, Pontis A, Greco P. The use of laser in hysteroscopic surgery. Minerva Gynecol.2016.
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  • Angioni S, Cela V, Sedda F, Stochino Loi E, Cofelice V, Pontis A, Melis GB. Focusing on surgery results in infertile patients with deep endometriosis. Gynecol Endocrinol.2015;31(8):595-8.
  • Mereu L, Florio P, Carri G, Pontis A, Petraglia F, Mencaglia L. Clinical outcomes associated with surgical treatment of endometrioma coupled with resection of the posterior broad ligament. Int J Gynaecol Obstet.2012;116(1):57-60.
  • Angioni S, Pontis A, Sedda F,et al. Single port versus conventional multiport access prophylactic laparoscopic bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy in high risk patients for ovarian cancer: a comparison of surgical outcomes. Onco Targets Ther.2015;8:1575-80.
  • Pontis A, Piras B, Meloni A, DeLisa A, Melis GB, Angioni S. Rupture of renal angyomiolipoma in pregnancy. J Obstet Gynecol.2013;33(6):628-9.
  • Mereu L, Carri G, Albis Florez ED, Cofelice V, Pontis A, Romeo A, Mencaglia L. Three-step model course to teach intracorporeal laparoscopic suturing. J Laparoendoscopic Adv Surg Tech A.2013,23(1):26-32.
  • Melis I, Murru M, Agus M, Penna MP, Pontis A, Angioni S. Multidimensional assessment of pain in women with endometriosis: Preliminary results of the experience in Cagliari. MeMea.2016.
  • Angioni S, Pontis A, Sorrentino F, Nappi L. Bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and adhesiolysis with single port access laparoscopi and use of diode laser in a BRCA carrier. Eur. J Gynaec. Oncol.2015.
  • Angioni S, Pontis A, Cela V, Sedda F, Gennazzani AD, Nappi L. Surgical technique of endometrioma excision impacts on the ovarian reserve. Single port access laparoscopy versus multiport access laparoscopy: a case control study. Gynecol Endocrinol 2015;31(6):454-7.
  • Pontis A, Arena I, Angioni S. Umbilical endometriosis primary site without pelvic endometriosis and previous surgery: a case report. Giornale Italiano di Ostetricia e Ginecologia 2014, 36(2):336-338.
  • Liliana M, Alessandro P, Giada C, Luca M. Single-port access laparoscopic hysterectomy: a new dimension of minimally invasive surgery. J Gynecol Endosc Surg.2011;2(1):11-7.
  • Angioni S, Cofelice V, Sedda F, Stochino Loi E, Multinu F, Pontis A, Melis GB. Progestins for symptomatic endometriosis: Results of clinical studies. Current Drug Therapy, 2015;10:91-104.
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  • Angioni S, Pontis A, Multinu A, Melis GB. Safe endobag morcellation in a single port laparoscopy subtotal hysterectomy.Minimally Invasive Therapy and Allied Technologies. 2016;25(2):113-6.
  • Angioni S, Pontis A, Dessole M, Pontis A, Tinelli R, Socolov R. Pain control and quality of life after laparoscopic en-block resection of deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE) vs. incomplete surgical treatment with or without GnRHa administration after surgery. Arch Gynecol Obstet.2015;291(2):363-70.
  • Angioni S, Cofelice V, Pontis A, Tinelli R, Socolov R. New trends of progestins treatment of endometriosis. Gynecol Endocrinol. 2014 Nov;30(11):769-73.
  • Angioni S, Nappi L, Pontis A, Sedda F, Luisi S, Mais V, Melis GB. Dienogest. A possible conservative approach in bladder endometriosis. Results of a pilot study. Gynecol Endocrinol.2015;17:1-3.
  • Angioni S, Pontis A, Cela V, Nappi L, Mereu L, Litta P. Single-Port Access Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: A Literature Review. J Gynecol Surg.2014;30(6):329-337.
  • Angioni S, Mais V, Pontis A, Peiretti M, Nappi L. First case of prophylactic salpingectomy with single port access laparoscopy and a new diode laser in a woman with BRCA mutation. Gynecol Oncol Case Rep.2014;9:21-23.
  • Mereu L, Angioni S, Pontis A, Carri G, Mencaglia L. Single port access laparoscopic myomectomy with X-Cone. Gynecol Surg 2011;8:337-340.


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Ginecologo Nuoro

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